Friday, November 12, 2010

TICKS! & Josh & Lyme disease

So this isn't completely about animals on the creek here, but then again it is. Josh, my 4 year old son, has Lyme disease. He just started antibiotics today. I am going to make notes here so others may be able to be educated about the symptoms etc.

So I just had the one day "poop & puke" as my friend Linda often describes the flu two Sunday's ago on October 31. Then my husband Joe and Josh seemed to be feeling off. Josh started to have a little fever in the middle of the night around 2 or 3 am. Usually the fever was 99 or 100, and some children's ibuprofen did the trick to make him feel better. Around Nov 1 is when Josh started to complain that his stomach hurt. He also complained of headache. He was also complaining about a pulled muscle behind his knee. I think this may have been unrelated to the Lyme. Then it seems a small sore throat was developing. We thought this all might have been the flu that I had just had, but that flu was just a one day violent throw up sort of thing. Josh's symptoms were different.

Joe took Josh into the doctors on Monday the 8th. The doctor check his throat and did a culture for strep throat. Tuesday at school after nap when Josh got up he was running a fever of 101 +, thus they called and kicked him out of school for the next day. Also on Tuesday a slight red glow mask appeared around his eyes bridging across his nose. Wednesday the 10th the doctors office called and said the strep throat test was negative and they wanted to do a general blood work up. I talked with the office and told him he was still having these weird spiking fevers in the middle of the night or after nap, but then was fine, and most interesting he had not thrown up and had normal bowel movements. If it was the flu that didn't make sense. I told her we had a explosion of ticks here a month ago and I was concerned about Lyme disease, he also complained that his shins were hurting that morning and told her about his red "raccoon" mask rash. So she discussed it with the doctor and added Lyme to the blood work up. Since Josh was home from school, we went right and and got the script and had the blood work drawn.

Josh wen to school on Thursday the 11th of November, just like normal. He was picked up from school by a friend and had a playdate after school. Joe and I both were out that evening. When my friend Jen brought Josh home, he basically put himself to bed and went right to sleep. Friday morning right after I dropped off a very cranky Josh at school I got a call from the doctors office saying his Lyme test was positive and what pharmacy do I want the Amoxicillin called into. Thus Josh is now on a teaspoon of Amoxicillin twice a day for 21 days. 400 mg/5ml. I picked it up and went into school and gave him his first teaspoon full.
3:20 after nap, I got a call from school. Josh was miserable. He didn't really want to get up from nap and was running a fever. On the way home from school Josh complained about the sun in his eyes and how he needed his sunglasses. The sun was low, but he has never complained that much about it. I took his temperature now that he is home. 99, 100, 102.4. I take it 3 times for the squiggle factor!

So basically the summary of his symptoms is this. He seems to constantly complain of a headache in the front part of his head. He touched his forehead to explain where it was. He was constantly complaining about his throat hurting. He also has had a loss of appetite. Maybe due to the sore throat. Ice cream, and yogurt seems to go down just fine. He does seem hungry at times, but then he doesn't want to eat. Each day he seems to be sore in a new place. Since Tuesday his red raccoon mask seems to be getting brighter. Today in fact it seems to have expanded all the way down his face. I was hoping it would go down with the ibuprofen I gave him when he came home, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

Joe just picked up some sunglasses for Josh and his light sensitivity.

So on Thursday when I was taking Josh to school something clicked inside my head. I remembered Josh woke up one morning about 3-4 weeks ago with four or five mosquitoes bites right between his eyebrows. I think they itched him a little, but not as much as mosquito bites usually do. With the rash appearing around his eyes it made me more convinced that it was Lyme disease and they had been tick bites, even before we heard the test was positive this morning. They didn't "bulls eye", unless this rash on his face is now a really big late part of the "bulls eye". They were just small bites.

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